The most traditional in our production.
The different models control from 1 to 9 points.
Lenghts and control points are made in base of customers requests, unless increase of the price. In the model patented MI-SA the distance of the points is only of 35 mm with a big precision because the reed are put in a millimetered card

The REED RESISTORS CHAIN ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVEL gauges allow a precise and constant indication of the fluid.

The float presents in its inside a toroidal megnets; the magnetic field of which actuates some small reed contacts and resistors placed inside the sliding tube and with an instruments at ohomic readout you can take the value proportional to the level of the liquids. With a special trasducer is possible to obtain a 4-20 mA analogics output.


All INOX level gauges series are totaly safety for the control of compatible liquids, because the structure (tube, connection, floats) as welded by plasma.

In this serie for the models finished by cable are available connection of 1/8" - 3/8" - 1/2". For the other models (with metal head or connector) the measure available are 1" - 1"1/2 - 2" in addiction of many kinds of the flanges.
Are also availlable particulary series for very high themperatures.



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