Regolatori di pressione proporzionali EPP


Lubricated or non lubricated air and neutral gases recommended filtration: 25 - 50
Temperature range:
Ambient    0 to 50C.
Fluid         0 to 50C.
Inlet pressure range:
1 to 12 bar (the inlet pressure must always be at least 1 bar above the regulated pressure value).
Outlet pressure range:
0.2 to 10 bar
~ 100 mbar. (Factory set up)
1% f.s.o.
Air consumption at constant control signal:
Supply voltage:
24 V DC 15% (Max. ripple 1 V)
Power consumption:
Max. 6 W with 24 V DC and constant changes of the control signal ; < 1 W without change of control signal
Control signal:
Analog 0 - 10 V     Impedance: 10 k W
Analog 4 - 20 mA  Impedance: 0.5 k W
Outlet sensor signal:
A) proportional pressure outlet signal 0 - 10 V from integrated sensor (recomended load resistance 10 k W)
B) proportional pressure outlet signal 4 - 20 mA from integrated sensor (recommended load resistance 0.5 k W)

C) "Alarm" output signal 0/24 V with adjustable triggering level. (Difference between control signal and sensor pressure signal) (Imax. = 40 mA)
 - factory set up: diff. signal = 0.8 V to 1 V
 - possible set up: diff. signal = 0.1 V to 5 V
To neutralize the alarm output signal during the control signal changes, the use of a synchronized time lag relay is required.
Indicative response time:
With a volume of 330 cm at the outlet of
the regulator.
Filling:                2 to 4 bar   -   2 to 8 bar
Step response:  ~ 60 ms      -   ~ 120 ms
Emptying:          4 to 2 bar    -   8 to 2 bar
Step response:  ~70 ms       -   ~-130 ms
Safety position:
In case of control failure or if it is less than 1% of its full scale value, the regulated pressure drops automatically to 0 bar (atmospheric pressure). In case of voltage suply failure, the regulated pressure will be kept constant (with eventual discrepancy due to loss of pressure in the servo-chamber).
Electrical connection:
4 screw terminals under the protection cover with Pg 13.5 cable gland or through DIN 43651 connector (6 P + E).
Life expectancy:
> 50 Mio changes of control signal steps.
Attention: It is compulsory to set the control signal at 0 V or 4 mA each time the air pressure supply is turned off (during the night or the weekend). When the air pressure supply cannot be fully exhausted,

it is necessary to assure that the deviation between the control value and the inlet pressure remains smaller than 1 bar.
Mounting position:
Indifferent (recommended position: upright; electronic part on top).
Resistance to vibrations:
30 g in ali directions
Degree of protection:
IP 65.
External sensors:
AlI pressure sensors with following characteristics are compatible with the EP-transducer
Sensitivity: 0.5 V/bar up to 10 V/bar
Zero offset: -3 V/bar to 10 V/bar
Silicone free
Electromagnetic compatibility:
in accordance with IEC 801-4 part 4 standards.
Installation and setting instructions:
see publication MI-9202 and appendix supplied with the product.


Please ask for the special technical specification sheet No. 8677 for more details.



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